Taking Meaningful Action

There are loads of buzz phrases proper now (and they all seem to begin with the letter P!) that are supposed to help us make the most of our time and efforts.

But in all the buzz approximately how to get greater finished, there is highly little talk approximately what, precisely, we ought to be doing. Are all “to do” items created identical? Checking things off a list does not assure that we are moving ourselves ahead.

Growth Activities

Some matters on our list want to get performed, and you can argue that they’re “important.” Many people fill their days doing client tasks and customer service. After all, we need to supply on our guarantees. But the ones are not increase sports.

Of route, we also fill a surprising quantity of our time with “distractions.” Some are greater apparent than others. Many folks lose hours in analyzing and responding to e-mails, which might experience like “paintings” but how productive are we virtually being?

How many of your sports are real “increase activities.” What matters will develop your enterprise? Expand your effect? Allow you to make a bigger distinction? Really fulfill your motive?

When you honestly take a look at it, those matters appear mainly in methods. When you create things. And when you hook up with human beings.


As a Content Creation Coach, these kinds of activities are expensive to my coronary heart. I see the power of creating new things. Of placing your ideas into tangible portions. Whether you’re writing a blog article or a book, creating a application, shooting a video, making a brand new presentation… Developing matters generates cost.